Grace Lutheran Church

Service Opportunities

Visitation Ministry

First Time Visitors Call Committee

All you need to do is deliver a small gift to a first time visitor during the week of their visit to Grace. You are not expected or encouraged to make a long visit – just a “we’re glad you came to visit” call. Interested – call Tammy in the office (361-573-2232)

Sponsor a New Family

This is a six month obligation, but could turn into a lifetime of friendship. Just maintain weekly contact with a new family in the congregation to make them feel welcome and a part of the Grace family. Learn the names of the family members greet them on Sunday morning and help them get acquainted with others. What a blessing! Call Tammy to get started.

Make DVDs for homebound

If you are digitally inclined, you can do this on the church’s equipment. The Sunday services are recorded for homebound members, but we need multiple copies. You can do this! Call Tammy Weiser (361-573-2232)

Make gift baskets for homebound members

This ministry functions as part of the Women’s Fellowship organization. Baskets are prepared at Easter and Christmas and then delivered to homebound members. Want to help – call Dotty Koetter at 361-578-5023.