Grace Lutheran Church

Service Opportunities

Community Service

Legal Assistance and Tax Service

If you are able to offer legal aid or income tax filing assistance to members or others in need, please contact Tammy Weiser in the church office (361-573-2232).

Parish Nurse (RN)

This is an opportunity to serve the Grace parish in a developing ministry. If you would like to find out more about the opportunity to serve as parish nurse, please contact the church office (361-573-2232).

Home Maintenance for Homebound Members

Are you a living example of Bob, the Builder; a handyman extraordinaire? If you are willing to help others with small home maintenance jobs for homebound members, contact Tammy Weiser in the church office, she will sign you up! (361-573-2232)

Financial and Career Counseling

So you understand the ins and outs of personal financing or can assist others in finding a job!  Well then, sign up with Tammy (361-573-2232) to have the opportunity to help others or teach a helpful class.