Grace Lutheran Church

Service Opportunities


Church Officer

Officers of the congregation and council are as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary. These positions carry considerable responsibility and require attending a monthly meeting and corresponding with the congregation and the church office.

Also serving on the church council are the chairpersons of the Boards of Evangelism, Education, Elders, Trustees, and Discipleship.

If you would like to serve in any of these positions, please call Tammy Weiser at the church office (361-573-2232) or Harvey Spies (361-578-6658).


Elders – These men are the spiritual leaders of the congregation. They set an example of spiritual maturity and together make decisions about spiritual matters for the congregation. The chairman of the Board of Elders is a member of the church council. Contact Eddie Miller (361-578-5959), or Stanley Zieschang (361-576-5556)  if you are interested in serving on this board.

– Trustees are given responsibility for the care and maintenance of the buildings and grounds. If you are a handyman and a willing worker, please contact either Dan Crider (361-655-5349) or Roy Truesdell (361-485-0505) to volunteer.

Evangelism – Do you love to tell the story of Jesus and His love? Do you have a desire to reach the lost and welcome newcomers? You will be happy to serve on the Board of Evangelism. This important board is looking for a new leader.  Call Tammy Weiser at the church office (361-573-2232).

Education – The education program for Sunday School and youth activities needs oversight and energy. If you would like to have input into the education programs, please contact Karl Koch at 361-570-3583.

Discipleship – This board guides and encourages the congregation in effective use of time, talents and treasure. If you know the joy of serving God with your whole life you will be a great encourager for others to do the same. This important board is looking for a leader.  Call Tammy Weiser at the church office (361-573-2232) to volunteer.

Church Library – You love books and want others to have the opportunity to read good Christian literature, too? You are perfect for the library committee! Help prepare books to be placed in the library and maintain the library database. Contact Cindy Doyle (361-894-1086) to get started.